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W. F. P. Burton



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William Burton was converted under the preaching of R. A. Torrey in London in 1905. From day one he became an avid Bible student and soul winner. He trained alongside James Salter and Edmund Hodgson under Thomas Myerscough's teaching ministry in Preston.

He always felt his calling was to be a missionary and C.T. Studd suggested he accompany him to the Congo, but William had no sense this was God's leading. In 1914 he set sail for Africa and was joined by Jimmy Salter (who later married Smith Wigglesworth's daughter). This work would eventually be called the Congo Evangelistic Mission.

It was virgin territory, working amongst very primitive tribes people. Soon after the work began God confirmed His Word with signs following and souls saved. A local native who was virtually crippled was instantly healed and thereafter the work grew vigorously. A new Pentecostal work was born and missionaries from many lands were equipped and sent into the harvest.

Many native evangelists were also trained and sent out to preach the gospel, resulting in hundreds of new church plants. Throughout these decades God confirmed His Word with astonishing miracles and many powerful outpourings of the Spirit. By 1960 there were 1000 churches!

It was against this extraordinary backcloth that William Burton wrote this book, to counter the prevailing view that miracles and healings and other gifts of the Holy Spirit were no longer available. He pleads his case using Bible passages and testimonies to convince the reader that 'These signs (still) follow them that believe!'