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The Miraculous Foursquare Gospel



George Jeffreys



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At the turn of the 20th century God visited the world in Pentecostal power. The first awakening came in the Welsh Revival, which proved to be the cradle in which the Pentecostal Movement was born. The church was endued with power from on high, first in Azusa Street, Los Angeles and then across the world. The church in UK was particularly blessed with fresh fire, seeing thousands come to Christ and hundreds of churches planted. Amongst those early pioneers there was none more remarkably gifted than George Jeffreys.

George Jeffreys, converted in the Welsh Revival of 1904, was later baptised in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. After attending Thomas Myerscough's Bible school in Preston in 1912 he was asked to help his brother, Stephen in his mission work in a chapel near Swansea. For seven glorious weeks there were converts and miraculous healings. Alexander Boddy, heard of the work and invited George to speak at the Sunderland convention in 1913. This was an international gathering of early Pentecostals and it launched the young preacher into his wider ministry.

In 1913 he formed the Elim Evangelistic Band in Ireland and established its first church in Belfast in 1916. By the end of 1920 there were fifteen congregations in Ireland and by 1921 its first congregation was opened in England with its headquarters in Clapham, London. The next fifteen years witnessed extraordinary growth through great nationwide crusades proclaiming the message of salvation and healing.

Today, the Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance, (the denomination's legal name) remains a growing movement with more than 550 Christian congregations in the UK and many hundreds affiliated across the world.

The basis of the movement is four Biblical truths, taught by Jeffreys: "Jesus Christ as the Saviour, Healer, Baptiser in the Holy Spirit, and Coming King." In this book he explains these four crucial issues which are so essential for building vibrant churches today.