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Healing Rays



George Jeffreys



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"The unique position which Principal George Jeffreys holds in the religious life of the British Isles is sufficient reason why his book is being added to the large number already published on the subject of divine healing. He is the founder and leader of the most remarkable Revival and Healing movement of latter years - A movement that has won tens of thousands to the Saviour and brought healing through the name of Christ to multitudes of sick people. The author has pioneered the combined message of salvation, healing, baptism of the Holy Ghost and the second coming of Christ in the largest and most historic halls, including the Royal Albert Hall and the Crystal Palace in London, and the Bingley Exhibition Hall in Birmingham, pictures of which appear in this book.

These great auditoriums have been packed to overflowing with massive congregations in the grip of Holy Ghost revival. The many astonishing testimonies of those who have been miraculously healed have received worldwide publicity through the secular press. The vacant spinal carriages and bath chairs, the discarded crutches, the cast-off steel and other kinds of body jackets, the cripples who now walk, the cancer and tumour cases that have been miraculously healed, all eloquently testify to the supernatural character of this ministry."

The author of this book, having ministered to the sick over many years writes with unequivocal authority. He writes not of abstract theories but concrete facts that have been demonstrated with phenomenal success in his great ministry of Revival and Healing."