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Stephen Jeffreys by Agnes Adams



Agnes Adams



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Stephen Jeffreys (1876-1943) was born and raised in the valleys of South Wales working in the coal mines at 12 years of age as was common in his day. The Welsh revival swept the land in 1904. After days of deep conviction of sin he became a follower of Christ and was a totally changed man, aged 28. He continued his work in the coal mines but was very active in the work of God and the life of the local church. He prayed and preached on the streets, seeing many saved. Soon he became convinced about the Baptism in the Holy Ghost and was gloriously filled with the Spirit and spoke in new tongues. This began a new era in his life.

He accepted an invitation to hold a three day Gospel campaign near Swansea in 1913, saying to a friend that if God gave him good success he would never return to the coalmine. The meetings continued for several weeks and saw 145 souls come to Christ! Many were healed and received the Holy Spirit baptism.

Thereafter, pioneer evangelism became his passion. It wasn't easy, but when a young girl with a diseased foot, due for amputation, was instantly healed, his ministry of healing evangelism continued with great power. He travelled throughout the British Isles and later to Canada, America, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and in Norway.

Stephen was a fearless and tireless preacher, often likened to an Old Testament Prophet. Thousands in heaven will acclaim him as the person who led them to the saving and healing power of Jesus Christ. This is his amazing story.