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The Great Awakening


A history of the revival of religion in the time of Edwards and Whitfield


Joseph Tracy



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Although there were many scattered records of the Great Awakening it was not until 1841 the Joseph Tracy became its first authentic historian. He traces the awakening from the local revivals of the 1730's to the floodtide of 1740-42, drawing his material from many personal narratives and diaries of such men as Eliezer Wheelock and William Cooper of Boston, who had more persons coming to him "in deep concern about their souls" in one week, than in the 24 years of his preceding ministry.

This spontaneous move of the Holy Spirit had no procedures, no altar calls nor enquiry rooms, yet the numbers added to the churches in New England alone have been estimated at between 25,000 and 50,000. Emotions were undoubtedly and profoundly stirred, yet some of the finest intellects of the age were among its leaders.

The Great Awakening led to the establishment of such new colleges of learning as Princeton, Dartmouth, Brown and Rutgers and the changes it brought about in society were phenomenal. This volume remains as the most comprehensive and definitive treatment of one of the most remarkable eras in the history of the Christian church in modern times.