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The Glory and Power of God



Jeff Brown



Product Description:

This book reveals the glory and power of God in creation, the flood, and in earthquakes. The writer examines the days of creation in Genesis chapter 1 from both a Biblical and a scientific perspective, and concludes that the acceptance of literal 24-hour days in the creation account not only harmonizes with the rest of scripture, but also with science. The unique physical characteristics of Earth are examined, as well as some of the wonders of the human body. The order of the days of creation is then mirrored in the ordered development of the believer's life. The flood portrays the sinfulness of man set against God's righteous indignation in respect to sin, yet with the grace of God shining through despite man's depravity. Spiritual lessons can be learnt from the life of Noah, who stood out as godly in a godless generation. The earthquakes of scripture are an insight into God's dealings with men in the past, and in a future day. They all demonstrate God's power and sovereignty, while some specifically relate to judgement, deliverance, and His immediate presence.