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Fundamentals of the Christian Home



David Pofi



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Marriage and the home are part of the cultures of the entire human race. Every culture expects much of marriage and the home. They have customs that are laid down to be followed. They do not intend marriage to fall apart unless death interrupts. This hope is symbolized in many ways. The ring is a circle that has no end or beginning and is used in many cultures. The customs that are meticulously followed are intended to give the home a stable foundation from which to face the changes experienced through the years.
We have to ask ourselves some questions. Has the Christian tradition different customs? What makes a Christian home different from the homes set up by adherents of other religions? Biologically and psychologically, the things that make a happy home are basically the same. This book, Fundamentals of the Christian Home, has given those biblical Christian expectations that make a home Christian. As you read you should assess your own home to see if it is Christian or not. Adjustments needed to make your home Christian are outlined.