Product Overview


African Traditional Religion in the Light of the Bible



Richard J Gehman



Product Description:

We live in a day of great change. Years ago Africans were often taught that ATR was all evil. Today some are calling the peoples of Africa to return to ATR.
What is the correct view? How can we know whether ATR is good or bad or a
mixture of both?
The Bible is the Word of God. We need to study ATR in the light of what the Bible
teaches. The ideas of men change from year to year. But God�s word never changes.
After studying each topic of ATR, we will look at the Bible to learn what the Bible
says about that topic. More than that, we will study from the Bible such questions as, where did ATR come from, how is ATR related to Christianity and other world
religions and what happens when ATR is mixed with Christianity?
The goal of this book is to help Christians in Africa understand their roots (where they have come from) in the light of God�s Word so that they may build a Christian theology on the firm foundation of biblical revelation.