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If you need Healing do these things



Oral Roberts



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The evangelistic crusades of Oral Roberts are one of the great phenomena of the twentieth century. To these crusades, conducted in his giant tent cathedral seating some 18,000 people, went an average of one and one-half million people annually.

Thousands of those responded to the invitation to be saved. Others who were members of some church, but for one reason or another had lost contact with God, joined those penitents who came forward to give their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ.

The main attraction of so many people to these meetings were the healings that were experienced. Multitudes of people encountered God as He healed their bodies. Oral Roberts was undoubtedly the most successful of all the healing evangelists and was a prolific writer on the Christian teaching of healing through Christ.

Chapters in this book:
I.If You Need Healing Do These Things
II.How To Write Your Own Ticket With God
III.The Seven Rules Of Faith That Bring You What You Want
IV.How To Turn Your Faith Loose
V.Raising The Roof For Victory