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Andrew Murray and His Message


One of God's Choice Saints


Douglas, W. M.



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Born into a Dutch Reformed minister's home in South Africa in 1828, Andrew Murray was raised on daily prayers and revival accounts, uniquely preparing him for his divine destiny: to become one of the most influential exponents of prayer and revival the world has ever produced.

He trained with his uncle, the Rev. John Murray in Scotland and was exposed to William C. Burns, the revivalist in 1840. Burns made a deep impression on young Andrew as he heard first-hand reports of the great Kilsyth Revival of 1839. His heart was constantly broken over the lost, and he would weep and pray for hours for their salvation.

In Utrecht, Holland, he found another group, led by Johann Blumhardt, who was greatly gifted in deliverance, healing, miracles and revival power. More great lessons were etched on his soul.

He returned to South Africa in 1848 held meetings for the Dutch-speaking South African farmers. In 1860 he took on a pastorate in Worcester and saw revival activity first-hand. In 1877 he traveled to the United States and spoke at holiness conventions everywhere.

Then tragedy struck. But in 1879 he became ill and lost his voice for two years. It was during those years Murray came to a place of deep humility and love for God and for others. Murray's life was preaching and teaching but such heartbreak caused him to surrender all to God.
After he was miraculously healed he focused on writing books writing over 240 books from 1858 until his death in 1917.

This book is his amazing story.