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The Story of the Welsh Revival



Arthur Goodrich (and others)



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In this book we are taken to the heart of the Welsh Revival through a variety of eyewitness reports penned by some well-known ministers and writers of the day. It includes a sketch of Evan Roberts and his 'Message to the World.'

Published in 1905 these pages helped fan the flame of authentic revival to many other locations around the globe.

A Message To The World by Evan Roberts
The Story Of The Welsh Revival by Arthur Goodrich
The Lesson Of The Revival by Rev. G. Campbell Morgan
Mr. Evan Roberts by W. T. Stead
The Story Of The Awakening As Seen By W. T. Stead
The Psychology Of The Revival by W. T. S.
The Teaching Of The Revival by Rev. Evan Hopkins
Experience Of A Visitor From London
What I Saw And Heard In Wales by Rev. E. W. Moore, M.A.
Striking Testimony Of Eyewitnesses