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God's Guarantee To Heal You



A. A. Allen



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A. A. Allen was clearly one of the most important revivalists to emerge in the early days of the healing revival and was one who ploughed on with grass-roots healing revivalism for over twenty years until his death in 1970.
Charismatic and controversial, this comparative latecomer to the revival was known as "the boldest of the bold" amongst his peers and loved by thousands of his followers. His ministry of healing and gift of faith enabled him to witness thousands of miracles during more than twenty years.
God's Guarantee to Heal You
Instructions to the Sick
Is It God's Will to Heal You?
Causes of Sickness
The Absolute Necessity of Faith
Have the Faith That God Gives
Hindrances to Faith
Misconceptions in Regard to Healing
Why Many Do Not Receive Healing?
How to Receive Your Healing
Who Has Power to Heal?
Miracles by Handkerchiefs, Aprons
Keeping Your Healing
The Importance of Your Testimony
Price of God's Miracle Working Power