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Oral Roberts needs no introduction to those who are familiar with the 1950's Healing Revival. He was one of the most notable of the healing evangelists and, arguably, did more to spread the Pentecostal message to the wider church than any other ministry.

His administrative and management skills soon produced an organization and a revival team which helped his sustained success and continuance. He rapidly became the exemplary leader of a generation of dynamic revivalists who took the message of divine healing around the world in the 50's.

P. G Chappell sums it up so well: 'His ecumenical crusades were instrumental in the revitalization of Pentecostalism in the post-World War II era.' He was also influential in the formation of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International in 1951 as well as a leading figure in laying the foundation for the modern charismatic movement.

This is a book well worth reading!