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Praying to Change the World


Volumes 1


Gordon Lindsay



Product Description:

This book is a series of lessons on prayer which will show you how to tap the resources of infinite power - power which can change the course of your life.

These lessons reveal the secrets of men of God in past ages, down to our present day, who overcame all hindrances, and whose prayers have made history and helped to change the world of their generation.

From the book, "During the past few years God has been speaking especially about the raising up of a band of people who will make prayer a business in their lives. Men and women who will not only pray until their lives are changed, but the world about them is altered. Thousands are responding to this call. Thousands more are needed. Although few recognize it as so, the highest ministry in the church is the ministry of intercession."

Prayer has always been at the heart of the work of God, especially in times of revival.