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Healing From Heaven



Yeomens, Lilian B.



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This fascinating lady, born in Montreal, Canada in 1861 graduated as a physician working amongst the poor, the unemployed, prostitutes, convicts and other socially deprived groups, first in Manitoba, then in Montreal. The sheer stress and strain of working in such an environment caused her to seek relief through morphine, which was readily available to her. Soon she became addicted.

Lilian Yeomans finally came to one of John Alexander Dowie's healing homes in Chicago where she delved into the Bible, becoming immersed in the Bible's teaching on healing. Soon she was free from addiction, re-committed to God and baptised by Dowie in 1898.

Thereafter she exchanged he medical career for a missionary one and developed a remarkable healing ministry, first to the Cree Indians, then across Canada and USA.

She shared ministry and friendship with many others who's names are associated with healing during this revival time. They include A. B. Simpson, Carrie Judd Montgomery, Aimee Semple McPherson, and Charles Price.

This is a great book covering some fundamental teachings on Christian healing.