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The Outrage of Amoral Sex Education



ES Williams



Product Description:

Parents are expected to believe that when it comes to educating their children about sex, the Government and its partners in the Family Planning Association and Brook knows best. Because of the veil of secrecy that surrounds sex education, most parents have little idea what their children are being taught about sex in the school classroom.

The Outrage of Amoral Sex Education sets out to lift the veil and to show parents, in graphic detail, the reality of what sex lessons for children are all about. The amoral nature of the 'safer sex' message, which all secondary schoolchildren are required to be taught by law, is deeply disturbing and will shock most parents.

This book leaves little doubt that sex education is being used as a vehicle for communicating the ideology of the sexual revolution against traditional morality. The story of sex education is a story that must strike fear into the hearts of parents.