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Empires of the End-Time


Through Daniel's Telescopic Lens


Charles Ozanne

978 1 902859 64 4


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The uncharted end-times and between-times of historyare laid bare in Daniel's penetrating beam.Most conservative commentators interpret Daniel in retrospect; i.e. from theviewpoint of later times. They look at history as it subsequently occurred and findthe fulfilment of Daniel in the unfolding events of recorded history.However Charles Ozanne, himself a conservative, adopts an altogether differentapproach. He takes the view that to obtain a correct understanding of the prophecyof Daniel it must be seen in prospect. Its predictions should be interpretedprospectively from the viewpoint of Daniel himself, the sixth-century prophet, notretrospectively from the viewpoint of later times. Only when this is done is thereany hope of grasping the prophet's meaning.As far as we are aware, no previous writer has consistently applied this approachto the book of Daniel and, as such, the student of prophecy will gain much freshinsight from Empires of the End-time.