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Hope in Bomb City


Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow


Ben Forde with Chris Spencer



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When terror comes close, God's love is closer.Across the globe, war casts shadows of fear, confusion, grief – all familiar territory to author Ben Forde. A member of Northern Ireland's police service throughout the long years of the IRA's terror campaign, he survived a bomb blast, endured death threats, lost friends and comrades to the killers. But he also saw love and reconciliation flowing from God through men and women across the land…Ben's story was first told in the original edition of City', published in 1979. Now he brings his account up to date in this extended edition, writing for all who are caught up in conflict, especially in the world's war zones, but wherever life and peace are under threat.When faith, prayer and forgiveness proved more powerful than any terrorist arsenal.How former paramilitaries helped turn the tide of violence and made peace possible.Why Ulster's road to peace will provide a legacy of hope for future generations.Few books born of Northern Ireland's 'troubles' have had the impact for good that Hope in 'Bomb City' brought to the lives of individuals under fire. Today, too, wherever there is conflict, its message remains relevant and powerful.