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God's Healing for Businesses


Spiritual principles for unlocking crisis situations


David Shadbolt



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Can the activities of businesses be affected by spiritualfactors, just as individuals are? Author and businessadvisor David Shadbolt believes so. "God is interestedin our businesses and wants to speak to us aboutthem," he says. David contends that business peoplecan ask God to reveal spiritual issues that needaddressing in their business and allow Him to bringchange in those areas. This short book introduces thebasic concept of praying into your business and givespractical examples as well as suggested prayersfor "healing", "restoration" and "unlocking"."David's book is real, spiritual and practical … it charts acourse from lack of success to the place of breakthrough.Read it and apply it, and your business will not be the same!"Graham CookeAUTHOR AND SPEAKER"If you're serious about God and serious about business,this book is a must. Business can be a battleground.Don't wait until your back is against the wall beforeyou equip yourself for the fight … David's insights couldprove even more useful than your MBA!"Hugh OsgoodCHURCHES IN COMMUNITIES INTERNATIONAL